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Oh, I wrote most of this down before, but I didn't type it out. So here goes.

I'm looking for a woman who'd respect me.  Yeah, respect.  That's what I desire.  The Lord also said that I should marry someone willing to be sealed to me.  Sealed, as in a Forever marriage.  So, my qualities:

1. Okay, I'm a Genius.  I have a genius level intellect and I apply it to science and graphic arts.  I recently went through my graduation ceremony.  I have written a number of scientific papers only published on my blog.

2. I am a nudist.  Okay, I like to go naked.  I'd like a woman to sleep next too who is also naked.  Nudity is pretty important to me.  Naked dates would be cool too as we date.

3. I play D&D.

4. Yes, I like food.  I'd like to taste food from other cultures. :)  It doesn't matter if you make spanish food, or asian food, or indian food, or mediterranean food.  Although I'd love to have fried noodles once in a while.  Yummy. :) 

5. I enjoy movies, and I try to enjoy them as much as I can.  However, I'm not addicted to going to the movie theater, and I can go without going to the movie theater for a long time.  I also enjoy reading books, and finding videos on youtube.  I am most interested in videos on youtube dealing with the martial arts, science, swordmaking, and personal development.  Every once in awhile, I wander into the endless, unchanging debate between Young Earth Creationists and Evolutionists.  It's funny once you know the truth, because they both don't know where they are right and they are wrong.  I err on the side of the YECs, mostly when Evo's start calling YECs fools and idiots.

6. I still live with my parents, but I'm working on that.

7. I enjoy certain video games.  Skyrim is one of those.

8. Yeah, I'm LDS.  Most girls, though, around here think they are superior to Men and seek to change men because they think they are better.  I don't want a girl like that, if they wanted someone like a Stake President, they can marry Stake President material.  I'm not someone that follows my religion blindly, I search for truth and it will get me in trouble.  For instance, I stopped worshipping those nice men who lead the church.  Many are really brilliant, but they aren't worth worshipping. 

I think for myself and worship God according to my own conscience. 

It would be very, very nice if you came out of the aether and come to me. :) 


Elton Robb
United States
Just a 3D artist. Give me time to choose to add to my ID page or or not.

Favourite style of art: Classical Greek and Hellenist
Operating System: Mac OS
Personal Quote: No statement should be believed because it is made by an authority.

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Stopped by for a long delayed visit, and enjoyed catching up with your work. Nice, strong, clean lines and delightful use of color palette. Looking forward to returning.
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Cool, hope you can come back. 
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Sorry, but I don't do commissions.  ^^"
Take care and be well!
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Yep.  Wish and Hope are bad words, that's why I used wish. :) 
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I am as well fan of ancient civilizations. Your art is beaut6iful , you are very talented .Razzy swimming 
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I'm very grateful for your comment.  Thank you. :) 
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you are welcome
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